Taurus Zodiac Sign

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Published: 05th January 2011
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Taurus has according to legend been a potent symbol of virility and steadfastness. In some of the Astrology people have thought Taurus to be a great God known as Zeus. It is believed that Taurus was a bull sent by Poseidon because Minos, ruler of Crete, prayed to him asking that he send a sign from the gods. Minos failed to keep his part of the bargain which led to Poseidon cursing Minos by letting his wife fall for the bull. It is said because of this she had a son who was a monster known as Minotaur. The son of Minos and his wife had the head of a bull and the body of a human. It has been said that about four thousand years ago the Mesopotamian Astrologers saw the face of the Bull of Heaven where the Hyades star-cluster shines like silver freckles on his nose. They say that the bulls horns are tipped by white, jewel-like stars, and the vivid orange star Aldebaran sets his eye aflame. The tradition farther states that the stars that cluster on the Bull’s neck are the Pleiades, sisters who numbered seven. It is said that with the naked eye you can see six of those stars but with a telescope you can see many more stars. Those who are born under the sign of Taurus were born from April 20th to May 20th. Their personality traits are:

• Comfortable

• Deliberate

• Dependable

• Placid

• Possessive

• Patient

• Loyal

• Thorough

• Stubborn

• Money-oriented


• Practical

• Artistic

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Taurus in 2011

Taurus people find their motivation this year when it comes to love. The fact is that travel will be a vital part of your life style this year. In your travels you should be able to find new friends and possibly find your lifelong love. It is important that you keep your patients when you do make any new friends. They may not seem to you at the time anyone of interest. You will find that after you have had time to get to know them much better that your interests are highly compatible. It is very essential that you do not jump to conclusions at first sight. Your true love is waiting around the corner just for you. You are a practical person when it comes to making decisions. Your loyalty is commendable but it will not help you in making a lasting relationship in 2011. You need to get out of the practical state and go a little bit on the silly side. This is not always easy for you but you will find happiness when you are able to let down your hair. Your artistic side will start to show to the one that you favor the most. This is a plus for you so don’t be afraid to share your ability. Finances will start to pick up about mid-way through the year. The months of June and July will show profit. It only gets better from there in the money market for you.

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